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Justin Baumgartner | CrossFit Back on the Bar

Justin Baumgartner

PositionOwner/Coach/Program Designer
From the age of 14-years old, Justin has lived a lot of his life in the gym pursuing strength and fitness. Always a gym rat, he wasn’t introduced to Weightlifting until the age of 34. He has been competing in the sport ever since, but also fell in love with CrossFit after his very first workout. Before opening CFBOTB, Justin was a successful entrepreneur who committed 10 years of his life to building a multi-million dollar organic snack food company. After achieving so much, he realized his passion had shifted to fitness and strength training and that’s when Justin took a leap of faith, resigned from the company he founded in 2006 and went on to establish CFBOTB. Justin has also been involved with the CrossFit community and the annual CrossFit Games for several years—he is often sought after as the DJ for local competitions, and has DJ’d at the Southwest/South Regionals, and at the CrossFit Games. As a coach, Justin is passionate about helping people discover their own abilities and see their confidence grow along their fitness journey. Although Justin got a late start in the sport of Weightlifting he still competes as a masters athlete and had some notable success in his short career. 40-44yr old masters Arizona state record holder in: Snatch 133kg, Clean and Jerk 167kg, and total 300kg 40-44yr old masters 2016 AZ state champion 40-44yr old masters 2017 AZ state champion

“If you are empowered and accomplishing your fitness goals in the gym it is only a matter of time before you are empowered and setting goals in your life outside the gym.”