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CFBOTB In House Throwdown

Saturday, September 22, 8am

We will hold a CFBOTB members only Individual Male/ Female competition consisting of 3 workouts.  The workouts will include movements we do all the time, scaled options will be available, so ALL members are encouraged to participate.  More details to follow.

Can you believe the year is half over already?  Most people set intentions, write goals, New Year’s Resolutions or create vision boards at the start of a new year that are quickly forgotten about as the grind of daily life takes precedent. Remember those skills you decided you were going to work on when you were pumped and motivated during the Open?  Don’t let another six months go by without taking action towards your goals.  Practice makes progress; we suggest you spend extra time before/ after or even during class to master the fundamental Crossfit movements and move towards your goals.  Mastering a new skill means getting outside your comfort zone, maybe going slower than you would like during a WOD to work on a heavier weight or a new skill.

Please remember a few things while you are working towards your goals. 1. Open Gym on Sundays is a great time to get in extra practice.  Coaching staff are always present  2. All of our coaching staff offer 1:1 Coaching sessions at very reasonable cost.  Take a minute to dialogue with a Coach about your personal goals.  We are here to support your journey and to help you take active steps to meet your goals.  3. Nutrition is key to your success and should be monitored year round not just during a nutrition challenge.  Jenn is our in house macros expert.  She is available to adjust your macros or provide nutritional support as needed.

Summer Slam 2018, Saturday, September 8, 7:45am-4pm

A Team Competition, Male/ Male/ Female, currently Elite/ Rx/ Scaled will be offered.  Last year Masters was also offered, they are still considering this option for 2018. It’d be great to get a few teams together for this competition.

Watch the whiteboard for CFBOTB viewing party.

CFBOTB more than just fitness

Most of you know one of Justin’s initiatives was to start Special Olympics fitness classes on site.  We have been going strong for almost a year and have consistent participation from youth and families.  We want to thank our members who have volunteered during Special Olympic classes.  If you are interested take to Justin about helping out, every other Saturday at 10:30.

CFBOTB has also made a difference in countless ways for students at Bethune Elementary School.  Members have provided shoes, clothing, hygiene products, school supplies and monetary donations to help students in need.  Members rallied and donated a ton of money, gift cards and clothing for an 8th grade homeless student who was promoting.  This students life was forever touched by your generosity. This summer Coach JB and Coach Goodman provided a Crossfit class and motivational talk to the Wake Up club.  The smiles spoke louder than any words of gratitude.

Please know that your support is always appreciated.  There are too many names to list, you all know who you are.  Here is a pic of some of the students from Bethune.

Ascension Yoga News

Meet Sarah Dharamraj-Stein

Sarah is a mother of two unique and amazing children Tyler and Layla, a life partner to her husband Ingo Stein, and a fur mom to Izzy, Luca and Rosie.  During the day she is a Biologic-Pharmceutical Sales Representative serving those who need help improving their quality of life and as a way of sharing the tools she learned under Sri Dharma Mittra and other teachers she teaches a few yoga classes throughout the week.  Sarah started yoga ten years ago as a way to get an amazing “workout” in and more importantly as to find a way to separate the stress from work from her daily life  After her first class she knew she was hooked.  After years of practice she started looking for more from her practice beyond the physical benefits of strength, flexibility, detoxification and started seeking more knowledge to prolong the peace she felt after class into the entire day.  After trying out multiple yoga festivals to explore the different yoga styles and philosophies and listening to many people talk of their own experiences with different master teachers she found Sri Dharma Mittra in July 2015 and instantly knew she wanted to learn from someone with such a calming presence.

Sarah completed her 200 hr YTT with Sri Dharma Mittra in 2016, just finished her 500 hr YTT this month, and will continue to learn as long as she can under his presence.  Sarah’s ultimate goal as a yoga teacher is to be of service however she is needed while she is sharing the knowledge and tricks she has learned this far so others can start to gan more self knowledge and ultimately find “tricks” to prolong periods of peace in their lives.

Sara joined our team a few months ago and has already added so much energy and life to the yoga loft.  If you are looking to start your yoga practice or enhance the practice you already have join her Monday evenings 6:30pm – 8pm for Dharma Yoga III.  This is an all levels practice that will offer more advance variations.

Journaling Challenge

Starting August 1 journal daily about the concept of “Satya”.  This is the Sanskrit word for truth and is one of the five Yamas.  Each day you will dive deeper into your understanding of the concept.  At the end of the month we will meet to discuss our new perceptions and ideas about Satya/ Truth.

The goal of our Journaling Challenge is to grow our Sangha, our community of like minded individuals as well as to learn more about the Philosophy of Yoga off the mat.