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Spring is in the air at CFBOTB

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Greeting BOTB members! How is everyone? As you may or may not know from time to time, roughly every other month, we like to send out a newsletter of sorts….so here it is.

I want to welcome our new members and thank you for choosing to make BOTB a part of your lives. I hope you are enjoying the gym. Spring is in the air and Scottsdale is buzzing with people visiting for Spring Training and other things that make use of our beautiful weather so we’ve seen a good deal of visitors recently and I want to thank all of you for making them feel at home.

We always need members so don’t forget to bring your friends in to check out the gym, 1st class is always on us.  Also this is very important! It is harder than ever to get ads seen by the right people on FaceBook so if one of our ads comes across your feed please share it and not just like it….and of course not every time it comes up, just once. We love all of y’all and we want more people like you and your friends and family are a good place to start so please just share those ads on social media, it will help us a lot!!!!

Nutrition Challenge News

As we all prepare for summer many members have opted to take part in our Nutrition Challenge.  CFBOTB believes what you put in your body outside the gym is just as important as what you do inside the gym.  We have seen incredible success supporting members in counting marcos.  The first few weeks, even months may be the most difficult to dial in not only the counting the numbers but what numbers best suit your body and lifestyle.  We have our very own Jenn Penner provide 1:1 support to you for these purposes.  It’s too late to join this challenge but it’s never too late to get started.  You can always talk to or email JB, for more information.

End of the Open Celebration

Join us Saturday March 23 for your Open WOD followed by food at Loco Patron.  We will be holding Open WOD on Saturday rather than Friday that week to bring all our members together from different classes for the last Open WOD.  The energy is great when everyone gets together so you won’t want to miss this morning.  After the WOD we will head over the Loco Patron for a breakfast taco bar provided by CFBOTB.  Loco Patron is just around the corner and has great drink specials including $20 bottomless mimosas if that suits you.

Open WOD heats during 7am and 8am CrossFit classes; Yoga cancelled Loco Patron 10:30am till….

CFBOTB Members Outside the Box

Congratulations to Karl for riding his bike for charity all the way to Rocky Point Mexico, Paul for running a 100 mile race, Rhonda for running another marathon, Nadia for PR’ing her 1/2 marathon, Must be all the strength training and functional fitness that gets members out there accomplishing outrageous feats of exercise!

Pat’s Run

It has been a big 480 tradition for members to get together for Pat’s Run.  This year will be no different.  The race is Saturday, April 21st.  Please sign up for Pat’s Run under the team name CFBOTB and we can pick up your race bib for you.

Crossfit South Regional

The South Regional will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah the weekend of May 18-20.  For those how don’t know JB has been DJ’ing regionals for many years and will be headed to DJ again this year.  Let’s make it a CFBOTB family affair!  Dawn and Devi will be attending and several other members have already looked into tickets and accommodations.  The more the merrier!  We should have several coaches that make it to Regionals and it’ll be great to show our support to them.