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Nutrition Challenge Results!!!!

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Drum roll……………

First of all I want to say that everyone did a great job and worked really hard and the results reflect this. I hope everyone is happy with the progress you made over the past six weeks and will continue to us My Fitness Pal to track your food and continue to make progress. We will be working with Arizona Bodyfat Testing on a regular basis so you will have the opportunity to really track your progress on a regular basis. As I have said before this is not about being on a “diet” it is using the tools to manage your food and cultivate a healthy, sustainable, relationship with food that will continue to propel you toward your goals. I am VERY impressed with all of you!

That being said……we do have a winner and by a landslide! Andrew!

                              Total Fat                       Muscle        %BF Change           Inches

Andrew           -21lbs                         +4.12lbs                -8%                        -8

Monique:       -6lbs                             +1.3lbs                   -3%                       -5

Cassandra:   -6.4lbs                           +.03lbs                   -2.6%                  -4.75

Dawn:             -4.1lbs                           +.13lbs                    -2.2%                 -5.65

Heide              -1.5lbs                            +4.3lbs                    -1.6%                 -5

Jenn                  -1.5lbs                            +1.6lbs                   -1.1%                  0

Marcia             -1.6lbs                             -1.8lbs                   – .5%                    -7.5

Matt                 +4.4lbs                             +6.6lbs                   +1.5%               +6.25

While not all the results are the same and the significant changes may be in BF% or in total inches lost I think all of the changes are significant!

We also have a winner for consistency and almost everyone logged their food everyday so it came down to class attendance and once again the queen on consistency is Jenn edging out Andrew by a handful of classes. Congratulations Jen!

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