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JUNE/JULY GYM NEWS: Hold on to your pants, a lot is going on at BOTB

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Schedule Changes

Our Velocity classes focus on endurance, core building, and movement fundamentals. These classes are also condensed to 45min to ensure a high energy, fast paced class. There is no dedicated strength component in the Velocity classes like the CrossFit classes but there will be strength building pieces in the workouts. There will be very little use of a barbell in these classes, instead we will be focusing on bodyweight movements and the use of dumbbells and kettle bells.

The new schedule will take effect June 20. You can check the website for the full schedule or pick up a paper copy at the gym but here are the major changes:

9:30am Velocity will ONLY be Monday, Wednesday, Friday
12pm Tuesday/Thursday will be Velocity
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 5:30pm will be Velocity
Wednesday 5:30 will be Weightlifting.


Many of you have been asking why the workout posted online or on the app is different than what is up when you get here. Up until now only the CrossFit workouts have been entered in Zen Planner.  We will now have all class programs in Zen Planner each day and you can toggle between them to view them online or in the app.

At the top of the app or the online page there is a drop down menu. All you have to do is click on it and you can choose between CrossFit, Velocity, and Weightlifting to see the programming for the different classes. If you have any questions or it doesn’t seem to be working right let Justin know.

Nutrition Challenge Ends, Pool Party Celebration!

Pool Party, Saturday June 24th at the Arizona Biltmore Resort!

We have procured two cabanas at the Arizona Biltmore Resort on Saturday 6/24. We have cabanas 5 and 6 and “officially” we get 6 people per cabana but they said they don’t really count so we are opening up this celebration to ALL members.   BOTB is covering the cabanas but you’ll be responsible for any food/drink you might want……we are not ballin’ quite that hard yet.

It sounds like they are pretty welcoming so ALL CFBOTB members are welcome to stop by but challenge participants have first dibs on the cabana spots since they were in the nutrition challenge and put in the work.  I’m going to guess as long as people are having fun spending money they could give a s*** who is in the cabana and who isn’t.

We chose the Biltmore because A) we could afford it and B) they were the most accommodating. It’s also the most adult and family friendly option. We didn’t think Talking Stick, The W, or The Valley Ho was a good fit for the group and the Westin and JW were simply not very eager to accommodate.

So, after a kick ass workout and yoga on Saturday morning we’ll head over the the Biltmore to spend the day together and have some fun outside the gym! We are really looking forward to this. Let Dawn or JB know if you have any questions!!!

The Arizona Biltmore,
2400 East Missouri Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona,
United States, 85016 Tel: 855.689.2878 

Parking:  Valet is really your only option, it’s free, just tell them you have a cabana for the day.  They will direct you to the pool.

Rooms: Summer Rates are in full effect as low as $125 on Expedia.

Nutrition at BOTB

We believe that success comes from not only attending fitness class but also getting the right nutrition and support to fuel the body.  CFBOTB supports a macros based lifestyle and encourages all members to start to track macros.  We support this because it allows for any diet including Paleo, Vegetarian, Lactose Free, Gluten Free… the list goes on!  Macronutrients are the basic nutrients, Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats your body needs on a daily basis to perform.

Jenn Penner, BOTB member, current Nutrition student at SWIHA, Southwest Institute for Healing Arts and long time Macro Queen will be providing Nutrition Services at BOTB.  Services will include setting your macros, help setting up My Fitness Pal to track your macros and individual nutrition counseling to support your success.

$40 for 1 hour session you can email Jen at to set up a session and it will be charged to your BOTB account.

Bod Pod Scottsdale, Az
Body Fat Testing Scottsdale, Az

The best way for your Macros to be set is to use the BOD POD service that comes monthly to BOTB.  Appointments are available for Thursday, June 22.  (If you are a Nutrition Challenge Participant this is another reminder to schedule your appointment.)

$ 49.00 Single Test
$ 79.00 Success Tracker – 3 Tests
$ 79.00 Family Four (4) Pack – 2 adults & 2 youths from 1 household

Each test includes not only the Bod Pod test, but also weight and full-body measurements. With this data, we also calculate other important fitness metrics such as Fat Mass, Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and Total Energy Expenditure (TEE).

With multiple tests over the course of your fitness program, your goals will be added to the metrics and your performance to the goal will be tracked as well.

**Last note, we honor that you are choosing to spend your money at BOTB.  We promote only people and services that we, Baumgartner’s and Blanton’s use in our own lives.

Ascension Yoga

Summer Solstice, Fire Up Your Dreams, 108 Sun Salutations and Intention Setting, Tuesday, June 20, 6:30pm

Summer Solstice is a time to hit the reset button, shed the cloak of winter and welcome the warmth of summer.  Join us for this special practice. We will learn about the importance of the solstice, release something that is stopping you from achieving your dreams and strengthen your intentions.

Class will be canceled while Dawn gets refreshed and reinvigorated visiting NYC and Dharma Yoga Center.

Mark your calendars in advance for the following cancellations:  July 4, 6, 9 and 11.  Class will resume on Thursday, July 13th.


Sri Dharma Mittra scheduled to visit Modern Yoga, Oct 6-8! More details to follow!  Dawn will let everyone know as soon as tickets are available for purchase.