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Intensity………what exactly does that mean. I think when most people think of intensity related to training they think of

and sure……this is certainly an intense chic but that is not all intensity is and certainly not for the average gym goer.  When I am talking about intensity I am talking about intent and focus and that  is not always going to translate into loud and animated for everyone. You can be just as intense and focused and not make a sound

What do they have in common? FOCUS. Intensity the level of focus and level of execution of a task.  What you do to get focused and have the right level of intensity is different for everyone. If y’all have ever seen me lift you know I am more on the vocal side and like to hype myself up when I lift. This is part breathing technique and part straight getting hyped up but what you don’t know is that before a big meet or a competition I listen to sad, lady music to get me to an intense emotional place that I can then refocus that emotion manifesting it as intensity on the platform.

Now, we don’t need to be totally hyped up and tap raw emotion for every workout or lift but we do need to be focused and bring some level of intensity to what we are doing in order to get the best results and stay safe. When we are strength training you should have the same focus and intensity on the first warmup set to the last heavy single. HUH? Intensity does not necessarily equal energy output. Clearly you are not going to exert the same amount of energy squatting the bar as you are on a one rep max BUT your focus and intent should be the same. Your set up, bar position, core tightness, etc should be the same as well.  A lot of injury happens not on  big lifts but on a light weights we don’t think needs our full focus to lift or move. The level of intensity should be fairly consistent when we train and what changes is the energy output or manifestation of that intensity.

So find what works for you and allows you to train with intensity. For some that may be an external display of that intensity for others it may be a more internal thing but whatever it is when you learn how to harness it and manipulate it you will find you will be able to take your training to the next level.

Don’t be afraid to get hype, be loud, jump around, stare down the bar or whatever it is that expresses your intensity in the gym. That is why we love going to a CrossFit gym so much isn’t it? The fact that we can make noise, slam bars, train with our shirts off, and do all the things that make us look like a lunatic in a corporate gym is one of the reasons a CrossFit gym is so appealing……isn’t it?


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