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Getting our S*** together in September!!! Time to get back on track.

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With Labor Day behind us summer is officially over.  The kids are back into a routine and so are the adults. Our focus for September is going to be to reboot and get some focus on our fitness goals and nutrition and I’d like to see everyone in the gym participate to some extent.

As many of you know, hopefully, the Bod Pod will be at the gym Wednesday 9/5. I am hoping many of you take the opportunity to get your body composition tested. If not I’d like everyone to at the very least get on the scale in the bathroom and record your current weight.

This is more of a nutrition awareness challenge. I am challenging every single member of BOTB to at the very least write down everything they eat or even better log it in My Fitness Pal. We are going to start with the basics here and just try and get everyone to log their food and be conscious of what you are eating and when. You can certainly step it up a notch and get your macros figured out and hit your numbers but with so many people doing nothing I thought I’d start simple. LOG YOUR FOOD!

You can track your food with the My Fitness Pal app click on the picture above to go to the website. It is VERY easy to use. ALL WE ARE ASKING ANYONE TO DO IS LOG YOUR FOOD!!!!!! If you can simply do that and TRY and make good food choices I think everyone in the gym can find success in getting a better handle on their nutrition. 

We’ve got a lot going on moving into fall and some schedule changes to note a well.

Dawn and Sarah will be taking a break from teaching yoga to reboot and refocus what they would like to do with the program. The last yoga class will be Monday 9/10 at 6:30pm until further notice. We will be bringing it back but we are discussing some ways we can improve on the program. Stay tuned!!

On Saturday September 22nd at 8am we will be hosting our first in house throw down. The workouts are finally released:

Workout 1- 8min to establish Max Load : 1 Clean + 3 Front Squats

Workout 2- 3min Max Rep: Ring Row/Pull Up—REST 3min—-3min                                Max Rep: Push Up/HSPU

Workout 3- 20min AMRAP: 8TTB/10 DB Hanf CnJ/14/12 Cal Row

Workout 4 TBD

The goal is to have fun and get a feel for what a local comp is like. We encourage everyone to participate, bring friends and family to watch you!!!  You should not feel intimidated!!!! A sign up sheet will be on the wall this week.

I’d like to remind everyone to please use the Zen Planner Member App and reserve your spot in classes. We have become a little lax when it comes to reserving and I’d like to get back to being a little more diligent about it. This not only saves your spot but lets the coches know ahead of time who’s coming so we can start thinking about logistics and modifications relative to each class. It really, really helps up give you a better experience when we have an idea of who is coming to each class. Thank you!!!

Several people have requested we carry FitAid again so we are going to give it a try. The order should be in by the end of the week. The cost will be $2.75/can and they will be in the back fridge. There will be a sheet on the fridge and all you will do is write your name and mark how many you take. At the end of each week I will tally them up and charge your account. I’ll let everyone know as soon as they are in stock and ready to go!!!!

Other than that I just want to thank everyone for continuing to be a part of BOTB. I think we have a really special thing here and I know we say this all the time but it is really all about the community!


Also…..Jay wanted to thank everyone for the card. We will miss him. He sent me this email:

Hi Everybody,
Wanted to throw in a quick thank you to everyone who signed the card and contributed to the gift that I was given last week. It was unexpected and extremely thoughtful. I really do appreciate it!
Hope everyone has a good start to their week!
Jay McNair”