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OWN YOUR S***. If it’s not happening for you……it’s because you’re not making it happen….PERIOD

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I have never been the “best” at anything and I certainly wasn’t given a leg up in life. I could go on and on about the causes of my drug abuse and reasons I ended up the way I did but the cold hard fact is for a great deal of my life I fulfilled a role that was crafted by me and perpetuated by the people around me. At a certain point in my life I found myself in a new place where nobody knew me or expected me to be anything and I discovered I did have the tools for success and for me those tools weren’t being the most creative, the most innovative, ot the “best” anything…… toolkit consists of the ability to out work, out grind, and commit more of myself to something that those around me were willing to do. I found that being the “go-to” guy, the “responsible one, the “never miss a day” guy garnered more respect and gave me far more leverage than the guys who had all the talent in the world but no work ethic…….. You don’t have to be the most talented, the most creative, the most innovative to be successful you just have to WORK HARDER and OWN YOUR SHIT. If things are not happening for you it’s because YOU are not making them happen. I may never be a rich man or hell…..even totally financially comfortable but I know one thing……when push comes to shove and I need to provide for my family NOBODY is going to outwork me. So stop watching the scoreboard, put your nose to the grind and JUST DO THE WORK and things will happen…..maybe not right away but THEY WILL HAPPEN if you stay the course. I know I am doing what I am supposed to be doing or at least I’m on the right track….it is up to ME to fulfill MY own potential and it is up to ME to stop thinking about what I am going to do and MAKE THE CHOICE TO TAKE ACTION.