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August Facebook Check In Contest

The person who checks in the most times on FB in August gets a free month!!! YUP, a free month just for checking in!! You can check in up to 3x’s per day.  You do not have to be at CFBOTB to check in…. you can check in to CFBOTB even if you are not there.  So get to clicking. An email blast will be going out soon with more details!!!

30 Day Ab Challenge starts August 1st

Every day a small ab piece will be added to Zen Planner.  This challenge will start out super easy and build up ab strength.  If you’ve been looking for a six pack or even a four pack this is a good place to start.  Get a your friends after class and complete the challenge together.  Make sure to complete even if you don’t attend the gym that day.

Here is the entire challenge for those that like to know what to expect.


Crossfit Games Aug. 3-6  

Sunday August 6th we will host a viewing party at our home for the finals.  If you’re interested there will be a sign up on the board in the gym with more details.

As summer comes to a close and we return to our schedules getting nutrition dialed in will optimize results in the gym.  Those of you who have seen results but hit a plateau or those who are struggling to get the results you are looking for it may be time to sit back, reflect on where the challenges are coming from and seek some extra support.  Jenn continues to offer 1:1 nutrition sessions.  It does have to be noted Jenn can direct you to the right websites, apps, give you feedback and set up your macros but you need to put in the work daily.

1 hour for $40 includes setting up or adjusting marco’s, support with logging food, nutrition ideas that work for your lifestyle, dispelling myths about food and a friendly, authentic, caring person to support you on this journey. You can email Jenn directly to set up an appointment:

Velocity Classes will now be 30 minutes

A new Velocity + Yoga membership is available for $119

**Only Velocity and Yoga classes, excludes Crossfit & Weightlifting


A new monthly Friends and Family as well as skills session has been added.  We know people want to share Crossfit with those they love and this monthly class will be just the time for drop ins to test the waters.  The classes will be oriented to new comers and we can all have a good sweat together.

Skills training sessions are geared to helping you accomplish your goals and get closer to mastering the crossfit skills.  The hour will be focused on specific skills like kipping, double unders, inversions, etc.  Each month will have a different focus and allow focused time to develop and practice the specialized skill.  Wether you are looking to learn a new skill or refine a skill you already have these sessions are for you.

Saturday, August 12

8am Friends and Family welcome to try out CFBOTB

10:30-11:30am  Inversion and Kipping Skill Session

Ascension Yoga News

Saturday, August 5th 9am Yoga will be canceled

Master Practice with Dani Gray, Yoga Educator, RYT-200 | RYT-500 | DYRT-800  Saturday, August 26, 12-2, $20 in advance, $25 day of, more info and sign up’s to follow later this week

Dharma Mittra visits Modern Yoga in Scottsdale, Oct 6-8

If you interested in yoga or spirituality at all being in the presence of a master like Dharma Mittra is invaluable to your journey.   Dharma will be offering a mixture of classes that include everything from pranayama, meditation, spiritual discourse, yoga nidra/ yogic sleep and asana.  The entire weekend costs $250 but single classes can be purchased as well.  A group of CFBOTB members have already signed up, don’t hesitate to ask any questions about what classes would work best for you but a word of caution don’t wait to sign up for his classes.  This event will sell out.

I’ve been so fortunate to spend hours upon hours soaking in knowledge from Dharma.  It is my wish that everyone gets to share even a hour in his presence to feel the unexplainable connection, not to mention bearing witness to his beautiful asana and child like humor.  Devi has spent time at the center before but this summer she took Yoga Nidra and even at the young age of 9 she was amazed by her experience.

“If you don’t try you don’t learn” -Dharma Mittra