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BOTB News and Updates April

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Bod Pod Testing Returns Wednesday, March 29

We are very excited to be partnering with Arizona Body Fat Testing to bring the Bod Pod to BOTB on a monthly basis. We feel like having this service available on a regular basis for you to continue to track your progress between nutrition challenges will encourage you to continue to track your macros and stay on track working toward your goals.  You can simply book an appointment through the Arizona Body Fat Testing website and you will pay them directly. You can see the different packages they have to offer here.

This is also a good opportunity to bring friends and family into the gym to get them started on a path to better health. We are offering a special for NEW members, $100 for before and after Bod Pod body composition testing, a proper nutrition plan and 30 day of CrossFit.

Dawns Journey with CFBOTB and Macro’s

CFBOTB proof is in the pictures, even if my eyes are closed.  #positiverisks #outsidemycomfortzone

First photo is from July prior to starting a Macro based diet and working out at CFBOTB.  I had tried EVERYTHING!  Paleo, Whole 30 challenges, Raw, Vegan, low carb, no carb, Magic Soup diets, smoothie diets, they were all don’t eat this don’t eat that diets!  Counting macros is single handed the best fit and most life altering.  It works because you eat to fuel your body with the correct nutrients which sustains energy, creates a more positive relationship with food while allowing room to enjoy the foods you love.

I’ll also add that not all Crossfit gyms are created equal.  I had been working out at a Crossfit gym for years just never got the results I’m getting training at CFBOTB.  You’re probably thinking it’s because it’s your husbands gym but NOPE!  That’s the most intimidating part for me.  What works about CFBOTB is that everyone believes in you.  Nobody is letting you sand bag it so each day is a new refreshing challenge and adventure.

Iron Athlete Weightlifting Clinic Taught by August Schmidt
Saturday, April 29 @ 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

This 4 Hour Clinic Will Focus On:

  • Snatch and Clean and Jerk
  • Basic warm-ups and positioning exercises
  • Snatch position drills and progressions leading to the full lift with some load on the bar
  • Clean and Jerk position drills and progressions leading to the full lift with some load on the bar

Iron Athlete Weightlifting Clinic Taught by August Schmidt


The 2017 CrossFit Open has come to an end. We want to congratulate everyone for completing the Open. If you came to class on Friday for the past  weeks you participated in the Open. Whether you “officially” signed up and submitted a score is neither here nor there, you did some version of the workout and you got a taste of the competitive side of CrossFit.  Clearly not all of us are interested in the competitive side of CrossFit but it is still fun to see where you are at. You can take a look at the leaderboard and use the filters to find yourself, if you submitted a score, or see how people form BOTB faired. We hope to get more people involved next year , the more the merrier! We are very pleased with how BOTB’s 1st CrossFit Open went and look forward to many more.

Lastly……Coach JB will be competing in a Masters only weightlifting meet this Saturday at Olympia Weightlifting in Mesa . The meet will start at 11am and go to about 1pm or so. He will be attempting to get a 300kg total at this meet so if you’re bored and want to see old people lift weight head on out  or you can probably catch a live stream on FB on Olympia’s FP Page .  


That’s it for April…..let’s get after it!!!