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Monthly Bod Pod Testing now available at BOTB!

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We are very excited to be partnering with Arizona Body Fat Testing to bring the Bod Pod to BOTB on a monthly basis. We feel like having this service available on a regular basis for you to continue to track your progress between nutrition challenges will encourage you to continue to track your macros and stay on track working toward your goals.

Arizona Body Fat Testing will be onsite once a month generally the last week of the month. You can simply book an appointment through the Arizona Body Fat Testing website and you will pay them directly.  You can see the different packages they have to offer here.

We think that having them here on a regular basis is a good opportunity for our community to best stay on track and reach your weight loss/gain goals.  This is also a good opportunity to bring friends and family into the gym to get them started on a path to better health.  If you have any questions feel free to ask JB or Matt.

That being said……..the first date is Wednesday 3/29 so book your spot now before they fill up!

Body Fat Testing Scottsdale, Az
Bod Pod Testing Scottsdale, AZ

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