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Athlete Feature Wendell Honanie

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Ah, my man Wendell…… for those of you who don’t know Wendell, he is part of the morning crew and the unofficial social director of BOTB, lol.  What I love about Wendell is how much he loves the workouts and how excited he is about doing them. It reminds me of what it was like when I first started CrossFit, everyone was always super excited to do the workouts and talked about them CONSTANTLY….to the point people wanted to kill us, lol. I miss that about CrossFit and Wendell has that joy and enthusiasm and brings it with him to the gym, except on Mondays, lol.  I have to admit I did not expect Wendell so stick around when he first started but clearly I was wrong and he has continued to surprise me as I get to know more about him. He really is a great guy and he is ALWAYS greeting the new members and making them feel welcome. I am very happy he decided to stick around and make BOTB a regular part of his life.


1. What brought you to Crossfit and what keeps you coming back?  Curiosity! Plain and simple: what looked like a bit of a cult caught my attention. When I first noticed crossfit I realized there was no regular gym equipment, classes were on the hour and I also wondered how they even worked out. It took some time (a few months to be exact), before I decided to try it. Intimidated yes, and a bit of nervousness but still eager to calm my curiosity I finally drank the water. Never in my life have I tried something that challenged my physical capabilities that kept my attention long enough to say it has become a passion. Today, I look back and wonder why I didn’t start crossfit long before. I tend to be someone who gets bored with routine and repetitive conditioning. Crossfit changes all the time: from adding more weight, to improving technique or developing new skills. This is what keeps my attention to keep coming back.
2. Tell us about your life outside of the gym. (family, career, interests, hobbies)  For work I do capacity building and education in health care specifics. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher of sorts so in a way this kind of satisfies that. I’m a family person and love the times I get to spend with my family. True passions beyond family time reside in countless activities. I love physical things outdoors to movies to traveling and the list goes on and on. If you ask I should say yes to most things ha ha.
3. What is your favorite Crossfit movement and/or Benchmark workout?   The SNATCH obviously! For those who share class time with me know I tend to get excited when I see snatches! IDK why but this movement I tend to like doing. I think its because when I first started crossfit, this was the movement I understood some what quickly and it gave me such a rush when I pulled it up over head. AND………RUNNING of course!!!
4. What is the movement that when you see it on the board you want to leave the gym?  HANG…….ANYTHING HANG!!!! I prefer from the floor movements vs. hang!!! Before it was rowing, however its amazing what changes over time when you learn to make your dislikes your new likes.
5. What is your favorite indulgent food/meal?  PIZZA!!!! Like a 5 year old, I love pizza. If I could eat pizza 4 times a week, I think this would be done. Next would be chocolate cakes of any type.
6. What is your favorite motivational quote?  I find quotes to be fascinating. I don’t have a favorite quote, however I believe quotes are like inspiration. Quotes tend to appear at the right times we are open to recognizing them. I like to be in the midst of positive energies and inspirational environments. It is not a motivational quote but I’ve been fortunate to find pennies in random places and it gives me sudden inspiration.
7. If you could be an animal what animal would you be and why?  If I could be an animal…….I think I would have to be apart of something that belongs to a pack. Lions, wolves, etc. I believe its great to surround yourself with people who are on the same path as you. Keeping strong to a goal and having each others backs. I don’t like to leave the weakling behind nor do I like to be isolated for long periods of time.

8. How has Crossfit impacted your life and helped you live “Life Unbroken”?  Somehow crossfit manages to take the same aspects that are in life and places it into the box. A crossfit lifestyle manages to have challenges, devotion, opportunities, education, development and then some. Like life, you may not have a good day snatching or your macro count might be off by a few numbers but each day you get to return and be better than you were yesterday. And you will have the support you need from people sharing the same passion as you.