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Athlete Feature Paul Deuchar

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We are getting to know Paul in this athlete feature. Paul is a real cool guy and I dig kickin’ it with him and shooting the shit. My favorite thing about Paul is he is one of the most positive guys I know and always has a great attitude about things. Paul and Bethany have been with BOTB since the beginning and fully embraced BOTB from the start which we truly appreciate. He has certainly got a screw loose though and has been know to pop off 500 burpees casually……….. Paul is just one of those guys you like to be around so if you haven’t had a chance to get to know him………just post up you’re going to to a few hundred burpees and he’s likely to join you, lol……
1.What brought you to Crossfit and what keeps you coming back?  I have the standard story of being bored at a globo gym and hearing about these crazy Crossfit workouts.  I was hooked the moment I walked in the door.  I’ve been doing Crossfit for almost 5 years and I love that Crossfit has kept me in good enough condition to take on extreme challenges such as Sealfit Kokoro Camp (essentially a 52hr continuous WOD), multiple 100K trail runs, and most recently my first 100mile trail run finish.  
2. Tell us about your life outside of the gym. (family, career, interests, hobbies) My life outside the gym revolves around Bethany and my 13 year old son Tyler.  The three of us love to take cruises and spend a lot of time researching and planning the next one!  
3. What is your favorite Crossfit movement and/or Benchmark workout? I enjoy longer workouts such as Badger and 1000 Burpees for time.  Cleans are by far my favorite movement, although Snatching is gaining ground as a favorite.  When possible I also love the torture of pushing and pulling sleds.  
4. What is the movement that when you see it on the board you want to leave the gym?  Wallballs by a long shot.  This has never changed in 5 years and probably never will.  
5. What is your favorite indulgent food/meal?  Pizza and Blue Moons, and they seem to taste considerably better after an event or tough workout!  
6. What is your favorite motivational quote?  I have two:  “Eat to live, don’t live to eat” and “Do what others won’t, so you can do what others can’t”
7. If you could be an animal what animal would you be and why?  I seem to have been given the nick-name of Honey Badger because I sign up for extreme challenges and just don’t give a !*&$, so I will say a Honey Badger. 
8. How has Crossfit impacted your life and helped you live “Life Unbroken”?  Crossfit has had an enormous impact on my life for the past several years.  Crossfit has given me the fitness, confidence, and mental strength to concur a feet I once thought impossible in running 100miles.  I find myself wanting to eat healthier, get more sleep and generally take better care of myself so I can perform better in the gym.  I love the community and the constant new challenges, whether improving a skill I already have or trying to master a new skill.  There is always a new goal to set and concur.  And I love seeing the positive impact Crossfit has on others, and so I practice the first rule of Crossfit often!