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Athlete Feature: Henry Tazelaar

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Howdy-ho y’all…… it’s time to find out a little more about one of our members again! This month we’ll be getting to know Henry Tazelaar a little better. I have always really enjoyed talking to Henry since we met at CF480 many years ago. He was 480’s 3rd member I think or something like that so he was probably there before I was, lol. He is a very interesting guy and the more I get to know him the more interesting he is.  I think one’s assumption is that he would be very serious, and he is, but he is also a funny easy going guy and if I’m being honest not a “typical” O.G. CrossFitter but come to find out he has been doing CrossFit longer than most of us. He is a great example of why I believe in the CrossFit methodology so much, it is going to meet each person where they are at and if they listen, take care of themselves, and keep at it CrossFit is something that can be done safely and effectively for the rest of one’s life.

So, take a moment to get to know Henry a bit and you can also learn a little more about him as a Doctor here . Not too shabby, lol.



1.What brought you to Crossfit and what keeps you coming back?  My youngest son introduced me to CF. I was doing a fair bit of cycling along with traditional weight lifting, but I was getting injured, and my time becoming more limited. So, the fixed time and 1 hour classes were a great fit. Why do I keep coming back? The comradery…great workout and my shoulder no longer hurts, with a more functional workout.

2. Tell us about your life outside of the gym. (family, career, interests, hobbies)  I have been married to Peggy for almost 40 years. We have two sons, and two grandkids, and a wonderful daughter in law. I am a pathologist-the doc you never see unless you’re dead. My work affords me the opportunity to travel widely, one of my favorite things to do. In addition, I like to read fiction, experience classical music, hike and downhill ski.

3. What is your favorite Crossfit movement and/or Benchmark workout?  Hmm. Power Clean.

4. What is the movement that when you see it on the board you want to leave the gym?  Anything with burpees….

5. What is your favorite indulgent food/meal?  Pizza…Deep Dish Chicago Style. But I cannot remember the last I had it!

6. What is your favorite motivational quote?   “Talk Less, Smile More “ (Aaron Burr, in Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda)

7. If you could be an animal what animal would you be and why?  A giraffe. Their life seems so serene, just cruising through the savannah, chomping on leaves and taking in the scenery. I also like that they are tall.

8. How has Crossfit impacted your life and helped you live “Life Unbroken”?  The early morning endorphin fix is a necessary part of my life. But working out in the early am takes only appeals to a few folks, so it was always hard to find a workout partner. CF took care of that problem. I’ve found a great group of like-minded folks. Thanks to BOTB for welcoming the 480 folks with open arms.